For the last 20 years, we have provided services throughout Latin America, contributing to the natural gas and energy power markets. We have built an integrated vision of the energy markets throughout the whole value chain, including commercial, regulatory, technological and economic aspects.

Areas of expertise:
Asset valuation

We offer asset valuation and due-diligence advice, assisting in the investor’s decision-making process.

Contract negotiations
We provide advice throughout the whole contract negotiation process of gas and electricity supply agreements.
Supporting the development of infrastructure projects

We carry out technical and commercial analyses of diverse public and private infrastructure projects.

Market analysis, regulation and forecast

We perform integral and objective analyses of market trends. We have innovative and reliable forecast tools

Our projects include the following:
  • Due-diligence procedures for the acquisition of several power generation companies in Colombia, Argentina and Peru (last project in 2015).
  • Gas Master Plan for the North and South of Peru, for the World Bank and the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines (2015).
  • Commercial, regulatory and market advice for various LNG terminal projects in Uruguay (2015), Dominican Republic (2014), Panama and Colombia (2013).
  • Renewable energy technology base line in Argentina, for the Latin American Energy Organization (2013).
  • “URUPABOL Virtual Pipeline”, for the Development Bank of Latin America (2012)